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I had never been bothered by dentists, until I had a horrible root canal w/a guy endodontist in OP several years ago. I swore that I would live w/a cracked tooth than have to deal w/another root canal. It was horrible & caused me to tremble whenever I had to see even just my dentist after that horrible experience. I split some teeth in a car ax & lived with it for 2 1/2 years. My new dentist recommended Dr. Beth Damas (my dentist was fully-aware of my complete & utter fear of the thought of the endodontist) & assured me she was amazing. I checked on & no rating. I Googled & she got good reviews on another site, so thought I'd just go see her. She was so kind & very professional. But she treated me with kid gloves. I was almost crying in the chair for the consultation. The work she did was fabulous!! The shots did not hurt & she talked me thru the whole thing. Today was the 2nd root canal & I was not nervous because I knew I was in excellent hands! THANK YOU, DR. DAMAS!!!

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