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For 4 years I have lived with the pain from an accident that affected my whole back and the nerves in my spine and leg that are hitting a broken bone, not including crushing my whole wrist and hand. After 7 spinal procedures, an implant, numerous medications, as well as a complete hand and wrist reconstruction, there did not seem to be any hope of dulling the excruciating pain that caused me to go from an extremely busy emergency services caseworker and owner of my own private investigation agency,down to being completely disabled and receiving SSDI. I have FINALLY found a Dr. that has put forth the energy to not only stop, the debilitating pain each day but, has been able to get things authorized that had been previously denied. After a quick modification of my implant, it means that I can have my life back again--without the agonizing pain. Dr. Ajay Sumam has got to be the BEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL doctor I have EVER had. He is MY HERO and I will be forever grateful! Thank you!

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