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2 years after surgery,I'm still so impressed I'm adding Dr Berkowitz to RateMDs.I didnt think results this good were possible.Nobody can tell I had surgery,but at near 60 Im treated at times like a pretty young girl.In the mirror I like what I see! Unbelievable. He's an artist.I look so good & am so happy I'm sorry to say my old mother says HER work was done by a ****.She only scowls at me now- sad & twisted but I cant change it.Im adding the down side so youll see Im a real person.But the visual result of cosmetic surgery is the least important part.Whatever your goal,go to someone HIGHLY qualified or you'll regret it the rest of your life!! So will anyone who loves you."Doctors" lie+use other doctors' result photos.My family is full of Harvard doctors;I excel at finding talent & have a top dentist too.Doctor Berkowitz' sweet staff is almost too nice-SO encouraging they made me laugh.How good could I possibly look the day after? If you care what happens to you, please see THIS man!

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