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I've been going to Dr Alex and his wife, Darlene, for 15 years. While they certainly are chiropractors, they offer more than that. I use Dr Alex as my family practitioner. He is extremely knowledgable in nutrition & Eastern practices. I've referred 'hopeless' & 'untreatable' friends to him for years, & have seen him get results when no one else could. They keep an office that is not new or shiny, but it's paid for & they pass that savings on to patients. They target people with no insurance. For $40 you get all of your 15 minutes. Both are extremely sincere and caring, real people who actually care about their patients. I used immune support for years from them, until I could get the structural defect causing a chronic bone infection surgically fixed; I do not think I would have survived the years it took to get a diagnosis & surgery without their help. I am very grateful to them

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