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This Doctor Is Horrible He Passes Out Prescription Drugs Excessively Narcotic Pain Medications At That,He Has My Father So Strung Out On Oxycontin,Hydrocodone,Xanax And Refuses To Send Him To A Rehab Instead Prescribes Him More And More,On Top Of That He Told My Mother To Mind Her Own Business When She Pleaded For His Help Because My Father Has Become So Dependent Upon The Medications The He Cant Even Function Anymore All He Does Is Lay In Bed,My Father Has To Many Health Problems To List But The Doctor Seems To Not Care That He Is Slowly Killing Him In A Pain Medication Suicide..I Beg And Plead For My Fathers Health That Someone Can PLEASE Reach Out And Help Me With This Matter Thank You All And May GOD Bless You Thru All Things

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flag | Submitted Dec. 8, 2011

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