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I drove 70 minutes to get to the clink and I took time off from work, after 50 minutes wait the receptionist inform me the doctor will not able to see me! Also, I was informed I shouldn't have been scheduled with her for first pregnancy visit on an on call day. Well, when I called to make the appointment, no body informed me with info. Even though I did mention that this will be my first prenatal visit. So, why do I have to pay milage, time, work time, and stress for the clinic mistake? The doctor wasn't courteous enough to come out and tell me herself. The clinic should have called to reschedule when realized the mistake but I guess no one did until 50 minutes after the appointment time.
One more thing,, the domgraphic forms and medical history forms were printed with a bad printer to the point They were not readable, when I asked the receptionist, I was told that this was the only copy they have and I should fill what I can!!!! This was the worst experience I ever had with health professionals. I wouldn't recommend this doctor to any pregnant woman who wants a peaceful and stress free pregnancy and safe delivery.

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