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Specialty:Internist / Geriatrician
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Hospital: Brookesville
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Grad. Year: 1989

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Dr. Calin V. Pop
Internist / Geriatrician-related: adult healthcare, general adult care, general adult medicine, primary adult care
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21/04/14 SYSTEM: 'birds of a feather' rating (based on Medicare patients-in-common): 4.0  Respond
RID: 3818042
21/01/14 3 1 1 1 I had to be admitted to hospital on a holiday. He ended up coming for another doctor. I was shocked when the end of the visit he was yelling at my daughter n myself. It was totally uncalled for and humiliating, especially towards my young daughter. I had mentioned it to my nurse n she saw how upset I was n mentioned that many patients had been treated the same. I never experienced such rudeness from anyone. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 3585737
24/10/13 4 4 5 5 I am driving for 50 minutes to dr. Pop because I could not find other doctor to treat my thyroid condition the right way. 
Insurance: Oxford
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RID: 2827055
31/08/13 4 5 5 5 He is great!!! If he would not have been there back in November, I would not be alive now!!! He fought for my life for weeks in the hospital when everyone else wanted to give up. I don’t trust anybody else! 
Insurance: MVP Health
RID: 2618515
16/04/13 5 5 5 5 Dr Pop is the most caring physician I have ever had. He has provided genuine concern and knowlege for my health concerns and together we are restoring my health. I am so grateful for his expertise and advanced learning in the field of wellness. As a healthcare professional myself I see his practice leading the way for the future of true healthcare. His staff are also very caring and professional. The office is well run and his nurse Chelsea is efficient and delightful. I recommend his practice to all persons looking for a physician to help them achieve their best health ever. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 2560608
15/02/13 5 5 5 5 Dr. Pop is the best internist I ever had ! Very competent and knowledgeable. Using state of the art testing ,along with alternative medicine and last generation prescription medicines was finally able to pinpoint my medical condition and the treatment that even Mayo clinic was not able to help me with ! Thank you Dr.Pop and the great staff you have ! Thank you for taking the time with me and my family. They are big fans and you can bet YOU are their first choice doctor ! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 2543214
28/01/13 4 5 4 5 First day I saw Dr Pop I knew my body was fighting hard and was almost choking and lost hope. It was an effort to get dressed or do anything else. Dr Pop made me well and I feel so good! Great staff too.â�� Puzio L 
Insurance: GHI
RID: 2537465
21/01/13 4 3 1 2 Very unprofessional and not helpful in any way other than ordering many tests and follow-up appointments. Does not explain results and gets upset if you question him or if you can't get all your tests; or if you don't make an appointment with him every week. In fact; loses his temper quickly and accuses you of non-compliance and tells you to find another doctor (after he has charged you hundreds of dollars). He stares at your chart every time like its the first time and doesn't allow you to talk to him while he does that(he says he can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time) and he doesn't explain the results of tests; nor does he diagnose or treat you based on result of tests. Don't waste your money or your time on him unless you have a lot of money to throw away. 
Insurance: Tricare
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RID: 2507966
21/12/12 5 5 5 5 You saved my life seven or eight years a go. Thanks to you I have a new base on life. That was the luckiest call I ever made. I would not be writing this letter if I had not contacted you because I wouldn’t have survived. There is a calming manner and a special something about you that puts a patient at ease. You are so compassionate and caring. I never feel rushed out of your office and most importantly you listen. Thank You a Million times over for your care, concern and treatment. Recently, well 2 years a go we bought a home in North Florida and I travel 115 miles each way for my monthly visits because I would not give you up. I love the way your staff books appointments. I never experience long, long, stressful waits in a crowded office full of people sick with other ills. It is such a pleasure to know you never have long waits. Thanks to you all for being who you are and my thanks for having you as my doctor. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. 
Insurance: GHI
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RID: 2442853
10/10/12 5 5 5 5 Excellent physician , outstanding staff and very nice medical office. I went to see Dr. Pop for a second opinion. He diagnosed my medical condition based on very comprehensive diagnostic tests. I decided to request him to be my primary care physician.Very happy !He saved my life ! Thank you , Doctor Pop ! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1681370
09/01/12 5 1 1 1  
Insurance: Medicare
11/07/10 SYSTEM: 3 positive duplicate or disallowed ratings automatically removed 
RID: 1144790
07/04/10 1 3 1 1 10-12 minute appt. for 186 dollars. Advertises way too much. Very limited knowledge. 
Paid (or co-pay): $186
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RID: 1096096
02/02/10 1 3 1 1   Respond
RID: 965089
17/08/09 2 2 1 1   Respond
RID: 849580
01/04/09 1 3 1 1 Dr. Pop sent me for various tests, including stress test and echo. He completely misdiagnosed me, he never saw that I had a heart attack on the test results. He gave me medication that contradicted my asthma medication, which further exacerbated my condition which lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Because of this, I died four times and had to be revived. At 57 years old, I now have a pacemaker/defibrillator implant. I believe Dr. Pop strung me along for over 2 years and never helped my condition, so I believe the SCA could have been avoided if I was properly diagnosed. I seriously believe that my current condition was worsened by going to Dr. Pop. I will be filing a complaint to the State Medical Board.... 
Insurance: GHI
RID: 772911
26/01/09 1 2 2 3 pop doesn't listen to what you say ... one of my appt was a disaster because his office computer was having trouble - he was so occupied with it that he ignored me during the visit. they are IV ****s and will hound you for a payment set up for an IV drip ... the drips cover - chelation, vitamin drips, etc. they actually get mad if you don't want to set up a $3000 credit line for IV drips  Respond
RID: 753025
01/01/09 1 1 1 1 saw Dr Pop on December 12. Showed him what I was taking that might have caused shortness of breath. Also wanted a complete thyroid panel & blood work done. He responded that he was the doctor, I was the patient. He sent me for lots of lab work including a brain scan which I did not do. His staff called me to tell me I had a urinary tract infection and asked for my pharmacy. They never called it in and went home for the weekend. I had no symptoms of bladder infection. He was arrogant, rude and never answered my questions unless it agreed with him. Later went to another doctor, signed the medical release form and 2 weeks later they have never sent the new doctor the tests he did in the office or the blood work I had done at lab. Many calls were made by me and the other doctors office.This has cost me 3 additional visits to another doctor.  Respond
RID: 591073
16/05/08 3 2 2 3 I saw this guy and found him rather cold and unsociable and difficult to talk to. He made me take a bunch of tests then told me to see him in a month. A month later, I returned and he asked my reason for seeing him. He hadn't remembered me and obviously hadn't read the file. He seems somewhat arrogant and it appears that he doesn't answer questions unless he actually knows the answer and then he thinks you will be impressed with him for knowing an answer to your question. Other times he just ignores you when you ask a question. I would suggest that he learn some better "bedside manners". He has a "strange" personality, and does not do anything to make you feel comfortable or win your confidence. He doesn't appear to care about your opinions at all, especially if they differ from his. He will also try to sell you vitamins.  Respond
RID: 313371
08/05/07 1 1 1 Nasty to nurses, never calls back when patients need pain meds or have abnormal lab results.BEWARE!!!  Respond
RID: 34048
29/06/06 1 1 1 He is perhaps the worst doctor I have ever seen. He practices "complimentary" medicine, which means he sells vitamins, and runs all sorts of odd tests. Which is okay, if he weren't so unpleasant. He was antagonistic, condescending, disorganized, and mean. He has the attitude that he knows everything, you know nothing BUT if you're willing to admit this, he may just may help you. Or maybe you can just suffer. You should just suffer because you're too stupid to get better anyway. And you're probably not rich enough, either. Grr. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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