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I had dr.sophia n palmer for a year before she sexually assaulted me under a white while giving me a pap smear test. I was in shock when she touch me in a sexual manner.Dr.palmer gave me this test before without touching me in a sexual manner.I believe she gained my trust so that she could molest me. I would not recommend a animal let alone a human being to this dr.palmer. I reported her to the hospital were she violated me at Montefiore on 233 street in the Bronx New York. This doctor knew she would get away with molesting me because she told me how to put the white sheet over my lap. There was a nurse assistant in the room but she stood in the corner and could not see what this doctor was doing. I got no justice for what dr.palmer did to me.I will never forget the day it was June 4 2012 and it feels like yesterday. I am a person who takes pride in my health. I came to dr.palmer for a checkup not to be molested. I believe she will do this to another patient.

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flag | Submitted Jan. 3, 2014

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