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My name is Harry, and a little history up front might explain my enthusiasm. I am 63 years of age and still working in a physical capacity as a maintenance mech/tech, and my joints are noticeably pain free and I’m feeling more agile. Another plus is my sleep partner has commented I’m snoring less. I’m currently a W8MD Client for 12 weeks and have lost 27.5 pounds. In that time frame, I’ve managed to surpass my goal weight and am now embarking on losing an additional 20 pounds for purely selfish reasons. I’m feeling and looking good, and casual acquaintances are also commenting which is encouraging. I feel with the continued guidance of Dr. Tumpati and assistant Laura, I fully expect to attain my goal. I have impending abdominal surgery to schedule which was my determining factor to lose the weight. I figure post-op rehab will be tolerable. I also recognize the opportunity presented to get myself back in shape and I’ll not waste it. Harry

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