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I highly recommend Dr.K as he is very confident in what he's doing. I had an ingrown toenail with infection and inflammation underneath and around my big toenail. He performed surgery on it and removed part of my nail. I should add that I have needle fobia and in order to remove my nail he had to inject anesthesia to my toe. To my surprise, it didn't hurt much and the pain that I had during the surgery was very tolerable. He is very gentle and caring. His staff is helpful and the office is very clean. After talking to him about my situation he scheduled me for the surgery the next day which was very important for me as my infection was getting worse. If you don't know which dr to go to or didn't have good experience with your previous podiatrists, he's the one to go to. Thanks Dr.K for caring for your patients and putting up with difficult ones like me! :)

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flag | Submitted April 16, 2013

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