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This is the best physcian I have ever been to. She cares about my health & everything going on in my life. She explains things to me before and after each exam, she calls to talk to other physcians before sending me to them & even sets up the appointment. She asks about my family and living situation because stress can harm my health. She ask if things has changed at home so I know she is paying full attention when I talk. She cares about my health in such a way, that I want to please her with weight loss & lower blood pressure readings. She cheers me on even if its just 1 lb. that I've lost. If my insurance didn't allow me to keep her as my Primary Care Physcian, I would change insurance or pay out of my pocket. If more physcians were like Dr. Elaine Liu, this would be a much healthier USA. BEST DOCTOR EVER!

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flag | Submitted Nov. 22, 2011

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