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Dr. Paltin is an amazing therapist for several reasons. I have been in and out of therapy for about ten years now and was hesitant to go back, but she came highly recommended. I have now seen Dr. Paltin for several sessions and she has a unique way of helping others. She has provided a safe, comfortable, and non-judgemental environment in every session I have experienced. However, expect to do some work on your own; she does not give you the "right" answers but instead has helped to guide me as her client to come up with the answers myself which makes the process much more meaningful. Thank-you Dr. Paltin and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is suffering and/or needs some type of help no matter who you are or who you "think" you are. Thank-you Dr. Paltin for helping me to change my life for the better day by day.

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flag | Submitted June 26, 2011

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