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It was another doctor in her office at the time. My problem started when I asked to see my child while he was receiving a tooth extraction and the dental assistant announced and i quote "Show and Tell" twice. Well, that comment right there made me very concerned. My son was so nervous he seemed to be hyperventilating. I tried to calm him down with no luck. He seemed to be in pain while receiving nitrous oxide. I was then told they need to finish and was escorted towards the reception area. Meanwhile I was talking about my insurance at the front desk, I could hear my son screaming out like he was in the worst pain of his life. I wanted to cry. After it was over the doctor informed me that the gas had no affect on him. I said you still pulled his tooth with out trying another method or coming to tell me so that I could have made a decision if I wanted another option like anestesia or another type of sedation and on top of it I touched his lip and he said he can feel it.

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