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I can't say enough great things about Dr. Drucilla Estey and the Gonstead Chiropractic method she uses. Back in 1997 I had a very serious weight lifting injury. Over time I was using use of my right arm and hand while living in serious pain and discomfort. It finally got to the point that it was difficult for me to write. Being an artist and a musician this was a serious problem. I spent 7 years going to various neurologists, hand surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, cold laser therapists, and massage therapists. None of them could help me in the slightest. After loosing my job I was in a suicidal depression. On the recommendation of 3 friends I visited her office expecting another disappointment. To my surprise Dr. Estey was the only person who was able to diagnose me. It turns out I fractured my T-8 in 1997. Another problem I was having was a ruptured lumbar disk from childhood. The Gonstead method allows Dr. Estey to view the entire spine with a full spinal x-ray. Her Gonstead TempoScope allows her to see exactly which nerve is inflamed at that moment. Within 3 months I was playing guitar again and have since recorded a CD of all original material. I wouldn't have believed that to be possible years ago. Thanks to Dr. Estey I also now have my own Graphic Design business and am working on my masters degree. She has fixed many of my friends and their families from serious injuries and ailments such as carpal tunnel, vertigo, serious sciadic nerve pain, high blood pressure, and has kept one of my diabetic friends sugar levels under control. I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to Dr. Estey. She is hands down the most amazing healer I have ever met.

Dave Pronko

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