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Firstly, the staff in her office is generally great, but there's one rotten apple there who singlehandedly made one patient's life hell. This incompetent scheduler is at best careless and at worst, sadistic in his arrogant incompetence. Should have his employment terminated. As for Dr. Costantini, I got the impression that she had written off the cancer patient many months ago (who is now in severe condition), and lacked real thought or care for her after chemo options were exhausted (like standard procedure for pain management). She prescribed medication without mention of side effects. She discouraged the patient to take action against pain until I insisted she authorize despite her "advice" (it all went well, no thanks to Dr. C). If we had seriously considered her, this patient would by now be suffering in agony without a peep from the doctor. honestly can't say if she's negligent or incompetent, but in any case would not recommend her (and that horrid staff member!!!)

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flag | Submitted July 9, 2012

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