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I have had terrible psoriasis for many years that was previously managed by another doctor. I had come to accept that there was nothing more that medicine had to offer for this embarassing disease. I read an article that Dr. Armstrong had published on psoriasis and wanted a second opinion from her. I went to see Dr. Armstrong at UC Davis. She was knowledgeable, no-nonsense, and compassionate. Dr. Armstrong was different from my previous doctor in that she was very up to date about the newest treatments on psoriasis. She openly discussed not only the benefits but also risks associated with these new treatments. I felt comfortable knowing I was in an expert's hands for my psoriasis, and my psoriasis improved in ways that it never did before. Personally, I found Dr. Armstrong to be warm, direct, with a good sense of humor. I highly recommend Dr. Armstrong for psoriasis patients who are looking for a doctor who is an expert in this disease and who can offer them the latest treatment.

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