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I have suffered from back pain for many many years. I previously went to get to two other pain clinics... the other pain clinics were only interested and giving me pain pills which only temporarily eased the pain. They were not interested in finding the source of my pain. Dr. Wyckoff Immediately started trying to find the source of my pain. Even though pain pills helped me temporarily I thought that was my only choice as far as medication. Dr. Wyckoff gave me Celebrex which is an anti inflammatory... at first I thought that there's no way this will help me... well I was wrong. It gave me a great sense of relief. If you are hooked on pain pills and are trying to find a doctor to supply those to you, then she is not the right doctor for you. BUT if you are truly in pain, as I have been for about 20 years, and you need a doctor that cares, and is true to her patients, trying to find the source of your pain, then Dr Wyckoff is the doctor you need to see. Her staff is also excellent.

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