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Dr. Von Stieff has been my internist and my "rehabilitative" dr. for several years now. I am now in good health and off drugs and alcohol FOR GOOD THANKS TO Dr. VS and, believe me, I was in bad shape after years of not seeing a doctor on a regular basis for health issues and after years of substance abuse. Dr. VS will not beat around the bush (so to speak) - He will tell it like it is, w/o the fluff, whether you like it or not. He is fantastic in recognizing your illness/es-Amazing is the correct word. And he is DEDICATED to his work and to his patients. In addition to having his regular practice he's the head of the John Muir Behavioral Health Center (which is AMAZING). In addition to him heading up the center, the staff is exceptional. They offer short term, long term, day treatment, etc. He also does urinalysis, on-the-job injuries, respirator sales, etc. for companies in the vicinity. I would never opt for another physician. Oh, and by the way, he wrote a phenomenal book (for physicians and other He's A #1 w/me.

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