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Well I was charged 200 dollars 3 years later for an hour session. When I was told at the time my insurance would cover the visit. She did not help me at All and that's why I never went back. She insulted my fiancé at the time when I told her he was Muslim. She said Muslim men were controlling and looked down at their women, (anything but the truth) my fiancé holds both myself and his mother up extremely high and looks up to us and shows me his appreciation everyday. She was rude then and was even ruder 3 yrs later saying she deserves the 200 bc that was her fee and she didn't care that I can not afford It.she makes 200 aN hour and i work f/t with adults with disabilities for 27 k a year. but she ont care, she wants her money. i would never have gone if I knew I was going to have to pay but the girls at the desk told me she took my insurance.

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