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I first saw Dr. Reddy over 20 years ago. I can't remember how I chose him, but when I started seeing him he recommended gum surgery and bone graft replacements. The gum surgery deformed my gums and didn't resolve my gum issues at all. The bone grafts didn't regenerate ANY bone. I can't remember the costs of the procedures, but I was a student at the time and I was making payments on the balance. One day, out to the blue, after being a patient for 3 years, I was told NOT to return to see Dr. Reddy or anyone at UAB because they said "you are not paying off the balance fast enough." The gum surgery does not work and should not be a first course of action. The first course of action is generally a below the gum line cleaning. In any case, I regret to this day the procedures I allowed to be performed by Dr. Reddy.

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flag | Submitted Feb. 6, 2014

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