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I have been his patient every month for four years. I keep my appointments, I'm cooperative and medication compliant. Despite my loyalty, I have been continuously shocked at his lack of effort towards my treatment. He fails to listen to my concerns or show care for my basic well-being. On each visit I need to remind him of my name. He continuously loses my file and starts new ones so he can get through the visit. He spends five minutes at each appointment, just long enough to fill out his form to submit to insurance. He bullies me into giving him the answers he wants to hear, and is careful to dismiss any red flags - such as severe side effects or a possible crisis, which would warrant more of his attention. His goal is to write a prescription and move on to the next patient. My diagnosis has always been the same, Bipolar Disorder. Last week he forgot, again, what my diagnosis was. He then put me on a new medication that caused me to not sleep for 36 hours.

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flag | Submitted July 19, 2014

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