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VERY disappointed with both front office staff and Dr Williams. He didn't actually examine me himself. His nurse did all that. I then waited 45 minutes while he chatted with a friend about baseball. When he finally called me in he didn't actually examine my eyes himself, but just told me that my symptoms were "normal" for people my age, and if it got dramatically worse I should contact him. It very quickly got dramatically worse and when I called the office to try to get a follow-up visit before I left on a business trip to Bangladesh, the receptionist very snottily told me that if I was "in such a big hurry" I should just find another doctor. I did. That doctor actually performed an OCT which revealed a macular adhesion which was rapidly developing into a macular hole, and referred me to a retina specialist. Both those docs saw me immediately, whereas Dr. Williams staff said they could schedule nothing until 2 weeks after my call. I cannot recommend Williams or his staff

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