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I was patient of this Dr. for 2 years. He never saw me at anytime during this whole time. His PA David and Some lady named Betsy, whose credentials I don't know, always wrote my prescription. About 6 moths ago in May 2014 they started saying the D E A was making them lower everyone's dosages. This turned out to be a lie and from then on I had nothing but problems. Every visit which was every 8 weeks. They came up with something new every visit and constantly lied about what they were going to do,. The stress and anxiety was almost unbearable. I strongly recommend not going this Dr. for your Pain management. Dr. Curry is one of the two pain management Doctors. in Yuma so you only have one other choice. If you have a long term issue that will last you the rest of your life you should not go to Dr. Curry. He and his Office Manager Dawn will make your life miserable after the first 6 months. They don't seem to care how you feel and if you make a mistake a break one of their many rules it seems they take pleasure in calling you and threatening you with unprofessional and inhumane actions. The average wait time is a minimum of a hour or more after your appointment.You don't have to many choices here in Yuma, AZ so beware and try the other Pain Management Doctor first.

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