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Worst doctor I've ever been to. He had no bedside manner and made me feel like crap because as he pushed for questions that didn't make sense, not only did he interupt me but verbally attacked me because (while being there for a seizure a migraine and crying in so much pain) I couldn't think of answers to these questions and forgot what the name of the neurologist I saw was and how many times I had been in the hospital over the past year. Part of my brain disease is memory loss and after the trauma from a seizure and migraine I wasnt able to think straight and so quickly as he was demanding. Not to mention when he asked me where I got the botox done for my migraines I said in different spots of my head he said in an irritated voice that he wanted to know where as in what city. I couldn't remember the name because I wasnt from that city and it was when I was living in California. He was incredibly rude to me and acted like I had no reason to be crying and unable to remember these things

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flag | Submitted April 24, 2014

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