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After 10 unsuccessful surgeries w/ 5 different orthopedic docs. for AVN in the Talus (ankle), Dr. Wang was my savior. All of the orthopedic docs. wanted to fuse my ankle to alleviate the extreme pain I was in. Being fairly young and active, I did not want a fusion. Dr. Wang was extremely up to date on the newest treatments and technologies and instead of fusing the ankle he performed a very complex surgery on me using a new material to help eliminate the AVN. It worked like a charm! I am almost 4 years post-op and I am still pain free and my ankle has very good range of motion. I can't believe I went to 5 orthopedic surgeons who all gave me the same bad advice and were definitely NOT "up" on the newest technologies! Dr. Wang is WAAAY better than any orthopedic doc. I saw by far! Do not hesitate trusting Dr. Wang - he's very knowledgeable, professional, and has a great caring attitude!

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