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I was referred to Dr. Daneshgar after I had fractured a number of bones in my skull. He was running late, and when he finally came in, he went on and on about how busy he was, then paused for me to respond. When we finally got around to talking about my fractures, he shrugged his shoulders and said everything would be fine, all my numbness would go away and to just not worry about it. He said this very rushed, like he wanted to get out of the room right away. Afterwards, I saw his partner, who was much more approachable, who said that I wouldn't have feeling in my teeth for a long time, contrary to what Dr. Daneshgar said. One year later, this has proven to be true. So, I do not recommend Dr. Daneshar. Not personable, and clearly not a good doctor.

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flag | Submitted March 7, 2011

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