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I was an emergency patient of Dr. Rusoff. Her office is in the same complex as where I work. I woke up one the morning with an issue seeing out of my left eye. I went straight into her office, a bit hysterical, and the ladies at the front desk, Tracy and Tani, were very instrumental about getting me seen right away. They explained that the doctor was booked but they'd fit me in between patients. It was a good thing because it turned out I had retinal detachment. Dr. Rusoff was very thorough in her review and diagnosis. She was straightforward and compassionate. She referred me to a retinal specialist for emergency surgery. I'm doing very well now, healing quickly, seeing well. And Dr. Rusoff is now my optometrist. Her professionalism and fantastic staff have a loyal patient because they earned my trust and respect from the moment I entered the office.

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