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Dr. Jackson is the absolute best neurologist I have ever been to for my migraines. She specializes in headaches. She is extremely proactive and can tease out exactly which kind(s) of headache(s) you are experiencing. No one ever knew, in 29 years of having headaches, that I was having cervical AND migraine headaches. The treatment plan is very different for both, and now that I am doing both plans, I feel so much better! She added a medicine that I can take at home, an injection (Toradol), when my headaches get hideously bad, that no one else had ever even thought of. The difference is so good it's almost indescribible! My headaches are very stubborn, but she hangs in there and keeps going the extra mile. Her personality and bedside manner just make you want to keep trying, even if you walked in wanting to just die (and if you're a chronic pain/headache sufferer, you probably know what I mean). Even if you live out of state, GO to see her!

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