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This was my first visit to Dr. Osheroff and I deeply regreted it. He had my file, knew I was diabetic but poorly treated my feet. I had to tell him to stop "scraping my big toe (which was minus a toe nail) because I had enough and it was hurting me. He used a sharp scissors to cut my nails, did not file the edges so it would not be sharp, cut my fourth toe in two places where it became infected. I was left with a bit of a limp because it was sore. I went to another doctor who finished where Dr. Osheroff left off and my feet felt much better. This doctor told me it would take at least 2 week or more to heal because of my diabetes. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I'm still hurting and my walking is still limited. Dr. Osheroff apparently is not cognizant of how he hurts his patients. I'm wondering if other patients are feeling the same. I for one am not going to him any more!

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flag | Submitted July 27, 2013

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