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Dr. Vatakencherry performed my uterine artery embolization procedure. I had many concerns as I never had any previous med. intervention. At my initial consultation, he reviewed all other possible options again although it had been determined by gyn already that I was to have UAE. This made me more at ease as he was ensuring that UAE was the right course. He explained the procedure thoroughly and answered all questions. Kaiser's email system was also an excellent feature as it allowed me ease of contact with Dr. V after my procedure. He was consistently very prompt with responses, follow up, and addressed all my concerns. My procedure time was 1 hr vs the estimated 1.5 hrs. In addition to his medical expertise, I appreciate the empathy in providing care which is often overlooked but highly important to the patient. Through my own personal experience, I would recommend Dr. V to my friends considering this procedure.

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flag | Submitted Aug. 14, 2013

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