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I was discharged from the pain center because they said that i tested postive for benzodiazpines to which was valium, they are trying to say that i did not tell them that i was on this medication. which is not true they knew from the beginng that i was on benzodiazpines from day one. This nusre that i spoke with bacicaly called me liar and said that i did not report this. which i did.I have no other recourse but to talk with my lawer about this siuation and see what he suggests.As far as i'm concened this is nothing short of abondment of myself as a patient. They get you stung out on all these powerful painkillers and leave you high and dry, to suffer through withdrawl. I welcome any comments that the people have on this issue, you contact me at my E-mail address which is as follows

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flag | Submitted Sept. 13, 2013

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