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I am a Medicare insured patient and have a supplemental medical insurance policy. Dr. Ju refused to bill Medicare on my behalf as my primary insurer as required by his contract with Medicare. Instead, he billed my secondary insurance company as the primary insurer and collected and kept that money. After numerous requests to the doctor to correct this matter, I then had to pay the doctor the balance of the outstanding bill out of my own pocket and then sue the doctor in San Mateo County Court (Case # SCS129081 filed 9/26/2013). Appearing for the doctor was the office manager who is also his wife, Deborah S. whose only defense was "...we bill our patients insurances as a courtesy...." This is not true. The doctor's contract with Medicare obligates the doctor to bill Medicare directly on behalf of the Medicare insured patient. Ultimately, on December 9, 2013, Dr. Werner W. Ju., M.D. was found guilty by the court of "fraudulent billing practices." He paid the claim and all court costs.

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