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Dr. Picker is a great doctor. He managed my wife's mental health. this means rxing several meds that must be adjusted frequently. 8 other psychiatrists succeeding her 7 years in his care have failed to equate his treatment's success in granting her wellness/keeping her stable. she has manic depressive bipolar disorder. Dr. Picker is a competent, capable physician. Also, it was he that ordered the MSLT that showed I have severe hypersomnia. Untreated, I only sleep. This is consistent regardless of how many days/years I go untreated. For decades I had 'self treated' with meth. After entering into a contract with me w/drug testing wherein I not do this again or forego my Adderall rx, he granted me the 300mg/d I felt I needed to abide with it's terms. The 60mg/d recommended maximum for this med is in fact too small good for many narcoleptics. Dr. Picker has medical intrepid. A man of his oath if ever one stood. any further info or ?s 7073938415 My name is Doug Dietrich. Thank you.

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