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I was operated on twice by Dr. Savitz in July-Aug. 2011, #1)A lumpectomy, and #2) (separate surgery) for Sentinal Node Removal & biopsy. I have been looking for a way to give her a review because I think she is so wonderful. She got my lump out with clean margins (.4 cm) and she was able to cut around my areola which helped to hide the scar. I have had a very thin, clean looking scar that is already hard to see unless you look closely (and I'm only 3 months out). The scar for the lymph node removal also looks like a very thin cut, only about 2" wide. All the other doctors who've seen it have commented how good my scars look, 1 saying "She's not a plastic surgeon, but her work looks that good." She also has a nice manner & has a way of making you feel safe with her. Every one I have talked to says she is the best breast cancer surgeon at Kaiser. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend her.

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