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I made an appointment with Dr. Cruz with the advice of a girl friend. You do not see the dr, you end up seeing a very unpleasant, demanding nurse practitioner, Nicole. Nicole told me that I could not see Dr. Cruz, I would have to see a D.O. doctor. She told me I would be operated on for my colonoscopy at Westwood (?) Hospital in Avondale. This is a for profit hospital in Avondale, AZ and I told Nicole that I had heard bad things about that hospital and preferred not to go there. She said they would send me there regardless. After 2 days of thinking about my treatment, I decided that I would see a better doctor and I did immediately call and cancel. They asked me why and I told them. I told them that they gave me a second opinion. They phoned and said they would send me a discharge letter. Also in the paper work they gave me it said if I did not turn up the day of the surgery they charge me $200. This office is a rip off and I will urge people not to go there.

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flag | Submitted Nov. 7, 2012

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