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Although this surgeon/md helped with carpal tunnel surgery in the past, my most recent surgery of (sp?) arthoplasty was awful. I was warned that the pain post op could be bad, it wasn't. What was bad was the treatment I was given (or NOT given) after an area would not heal. I was told NOT to go to the "wound center". After 3 times to open and restitch the affected area, I went to the Elks wound center on my own. A "foreign body" (a stitch left in the wound) was removed and no further sutures were needed. Amen for the wound center. I won't be returning to this surgeon if I need any future treatments. My family told me as I had Medicare insuring my care, I was a "cash cow" for him. Qualis Health via Medicare is investigating my care to see if Dr. Clawson may need some further information to help him in his practice. I have yet to obtain their findings. I'll report later. Be careful who you chose for your treatment. That's all I have to say about this.

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flag | Submitted July 5, 2011

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