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There aren't enough stars to grade the service and care Tracy offers. I've been seeing her regularly for over a year and find her to be one of the most valuable doctors I have encountered. She provides a holistic and whole picture perspective of your mental and physical condition. She's thorough in understanding your concerns, ailments, and questions. What I've been most impressed about is that she's taken feedback from various doctors and physical therapists and provides a link between all of the different feedback received. I've gone to doctors to address certain issues only to be prescribed drugs and vitamins to fix the problem. Years later with the same symptoms, I find Tracy who discovers that a majority of my ailments were due to my diet. Since then I've noticed a huge improvement in my quality of life. Tracy's bedside manners are STELLAR. You won't find a doctor who's more compassionate or caring. She is a gem! You will absolutely not regret seeing her.

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