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Anthony Yacona, M.D., is one of my all-time favorite doctors. I'd been a patient of his years ago while still in FL. He was an absolutely & delightfully hilarious doctor, wonderfully quirky, full of laughter, & all-around good guy. He made every visit seem like great fun, & I never felt like I was going on a doctor's appt., but rather a social visit. He was also keen & astute; he exhibited sensitivity to his patients' problems & concerns. He was an open-minded doctor, what I call "old school," unlike many of the younger generations who are brutally uptight about lawsuits. When it came to Anthony Yacona, his first priority was his patients. He was even so kind & generous that for those who had no medical insurance, he'd say with a smile, "Eh, just pay whatever you can. Anything's fine." WHERE do you find doctors like that?? Anyway, I miss him & would recommend him not only as an outstanding doctor, but a truly fine human being. I will always have the fondest memories of him.

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