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I never had a primary since childhood. I'm 43 now. Chose Cantone cuz only one taking patients. All I initially selected based on reviews weren't. Saw Cantone 1st visit only. Visit was intended to estab relationship, but he found hypothyroidism from bloodwork, Nov 2009. May 2010 all hell broke loose in my health. Only saw his PA Shughart from that point. From May'10 to today sept'11 I've suffered extreme fatigue, Palondromic Rheumatism, maybe Rheumatic Fever, nausea, brain fog, lightheaded. Reduced ability at work, chose a demotion, can't conduct training presentations due to sweating and weakness. Getting from bed to starting up car every morning for work is like running marathon. Shughart has been completely useless. Has made obvious mistakes. I went to Endocrinologist 3 wks ago, he found ASO 693,on Prednisone. Going to a new primary Nov. Any Drs know how to diagnose instead of sending for blood tests! Nurse calls w msg 'tests are negative'! But I still feel bad.

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