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I was recommended to see Dr. Thompson b/c of my diabetes. At first I thought his office and his services were good, but after the last appointment I would NOT recommend him to others. I came to his office 15 mins early as requested, got dilated, 2 hours later the Dr. still did not see me. Nobody said anything as to why he is late. Only after my wife came looking for me, they admitted he went to do a surgery. Well, if it was an emergency, his staff should have told all patients waiting for him that he would be late and to warn people waiting for them to be prepared to wait for hours. My wife had 2 year old twins waiting for me in a car in a freezing weather for over 2 hours. When she came in the office with the kids complaining about my absence, the Dr. finally saw me. Dr. charges for late/missed appointments, yet patients time is not valuable? Staff is inefficient, receptionists do their personal business on a phone when they are supposed to assist patients. Just not a good experience

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flag | Submitted Dec. 17, 2010

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