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Dr. Felson did surgery on my foot and she did a very good job. But when I went back to see her after the operation for my first post op appointment i had changed the bandage which I guess I was not supposed to do. She was very angry with me and actually almost made me cry. She was so mean and nasty that I have 3 more appointments scheduled with her that I am just going to pull my stitches out myself and hope my foot heals okay. I suffer from severe anxiety and she was yelling at me in front of the other staff. I was so embarrassed and told her I was sorry for changing the bandage and she just turned walked out of the room and said she was calling in a prescription so I sat there for 30 minutes till the nurse said I was done and could leave. I have never in my life been treated so mean by a Doctor. I still get embarrassed when I think of how humiliated she made me feel.

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flag | Submitted June 27, 2014

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