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This is the best pediatrician I have ever seen in my life. And I have seen the best including the Miami Children Hospital and The Sick Children Hospital of Toronto, so when I say good is good.I am very picky concerning the doctors that my daughters must see because one of them was born with an extremely rare syndrome.I came across with this Doctor 3 years ago after my other little daughter was at ER with a severe fever pain in her throat and white spots on her pharynx. They told me at the ER it was not strep throat and she probably had a virus. I asked the ER doctor :what were all those spots in her pharynx and he said probably a virus. I left home and she kept worse so I decided to Visit Rapid access. As soon as Dr. Hill saw her said " This is Herpangina" caused by coxsackievirus". Since then I have taken my daughter with the sydrome and he has refered me to the best doctors he knows. His knowledge is incredible, he knows a little of everything.

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