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Dr. Finn is an excellent oncologist. My aunt went to another oncologist that was dismissive of her. Then she found Dr. Finn, and it has literally been a lifesaver because Dr. Finn put her on a medication the other doctor didn't even seem to know about. She's outlived all the statistics. Dr. Finn lost his own mother to cancer, and you can tell that he really relates to his patients and their families and understands the emotional toll cancer takes. Dr. Finn doesn't see that many patients because he spends most of his time researching and developing new treatments and as a professor at UCLA. The patients he sees are truly lucky. If the tragic day comes when my aunt loses her life to cancer (which, given her recent clean tumor scan, doesn't seem to be in the near future despite being told that she would be dead by now), she will know that she had the best possible doctor who did everything he could and who cared about both her physical and mental health.

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