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Specialty:Family / G.P.
Practice: Lyme Disease
Med. School:Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine
Grad. Year: 1987

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Online Appt. Scheduling: N
Accepting New Patients:Y

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Rating: 2.9 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 17 reviews. Dr. Domenick Braccia has a fair overall rating on RateMDs.com. neutral

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Dr. Domenick Braccia
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RID: 5430620
28/04/14 1 2 2 1 All they care about is money and are way behind with current information and treatments. They push people's bodies way to hard and end just making people sicker then when they came and then try to make you believe that that is a good thing. You are completely misaligned from the very beginning. The staff is very rude and extremely unprofessional. The doctor and the PA constantly contradict each other, making treatment very confusing. He randomly changes his treatment protocols and gives certain patients special treatment.  Respond
RID: 5214644
27/02/14 5 3 5 5 I traveled from North Carolina after doing an online search of Lyme literate doctors. Therefore, I was going to want the trip(s) to be very worth it considering my time and since I had to pay for lodging, gas, meals, etc. as well as the total bill. Well, I am happy to report it was definitely worth it! Dr. Braccia was knowledgeable, compassionate and truly listened. He has an amazingly thorough blood test which alone would be worth it so he and you can assess your situation. He did not push treatment on me and gave me a couple of options. His staff was friendly and helpful. I cannot imagine people having an issue with this office.  Respond
RID: 2547264
31/01/13 5 4 5 5 Dr Braccia and his entire staff have been nothing short of amazing. I've been to so many rude doctors and doctors that just don't seem to care about my symptoms. He seems to be very knowledgeable and compassionate and actually listens intently to what you tell him. He spends a very long time with his patients getting to know their medical history in order to give the best diagnosis possible. Being his patient, I am most impressed by his staff. The nurses are all very nice, very helpful. They all actually seem to enjoy their jobs and never give you any attitude about anything. His office staff is also amazing. They went above and beyond to help me anytime I ever had any issue. Kim, his wife and office manager, is especially helpful. I don't agree with any of the other reviews about her being mean or nasty... She has never once been that way to me. She spent an entire day trying to solve a problem for me when any other doctors office would have not gone to the extreme she did to help. I 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2521002
03/01/13 1 1 1 1 I was a patient of Braccia, let me say that this man should NOT under any circumstances be treating anyone for Lyme Disease. He does not know what he is doing, he is under educated when it comes to Lyme and co infections. I was diagnosed with Chronic Late Stage Lyme disease and he told me I needed to start IV Rocephin immediately. He verbally told me that he can cure Lyme Disease, for the record there is NO CURE for Lyme disease. He also told me that I have zero co infections, that's because he doesn't know how to test properly, I have all of them. To add to the complete disgust of dr Braccia on the other side you have his vile wife Kim. This woman screamed at me at the top of her lungs when I asked how much treatment was and what the payment options were. It's ALL about money with these two, patient care is the least of his and her concern. I met several patients there that were back for IV for the 5th time and still no cure. His license should be taken from him permanently.  See Responses
RID: 2282912
22/06/12 5 5 5 5 Dr. Braccia and his staff are one of the most helpful doctors we have seen. He is very knowledgable about lymre disease and the coinfections . As far as being on time its the patients who seem to have the troule lol ,you know lyme brain .  He and his staff go the extra mile to keep you comfortable while you are there receiving your treatment . The complaints I've heard are no home iv treatment . If you know anything about iinsurance for a doc , an iv pic line to your heart has very high risks , and patients are most of the time too sick to know if they are in trouble (clots, infections ) so as much as i hate the drive we feel very safe  with him and his staff watching over us . And for the record he is not in in Havertown !  My husband will make a 100% recovery thanks to him and his staff ! Thanks, Donna Gillespie  See Responses
RID: 2152535
21/05/12 5 5 4 5 I felt that I got a lot of excellent information and Dr.Braccia genuinely cared. I had gone to 5 physicians before him and had been diagnosed with everything from MS to "mental illness" and a "need for attention". Lyme is not an easy disease to diagnose or treat, so I guess it's resonable when people are suspicious or feel like they aren't getting good medical attention. There's a lot fo controversy and snake oil out there. But he system is also broek with the Center for Disease control doesn't seem to think Lyme exists. As for me I was satisfied. We of course will see. right now I am glad I went. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 1716251
17/02/12 1 5 1 1 The staff was generally okay, but the Dr.'s wife has a horrible disposition and was really nasty. The staff discussed getting me started right away on the IV treatment, even though my test results were not even on their way to the lab yet. The staff also told me I would need to pay around $1000 per week for treatment. Yes, I said per WEEK. I tried to discuss alternatives for payment - they said they could go down to about &750 per week, but that was it. The Dr. seemed compassionate but I am not sure about his knowledge base. Something smells fishy about this place - getting IVs in a store front facility for $1000 a week? Well I can't afford it anyway so am going to get my test results and go elsewhere. People like me who have suffered so much are vulnerable and could be taken advantage of here. I might believe more in the Dr.'s sincerity if it weren't for his wife.  See Responses
RID: 1509920
11/08/11 5 5 1 1 Notice not one of these comments mentions that Braccia helped them or cured them. Kind of funny for a guy who promises a "cure" rate right on his web site. You'd think there would be plenty of "thank you" type testimonials. None here, because he's not a knowledgable LLMD. Not really a LLMD and not ILDADS  Respond
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RID: 1327436
04/01/11 5 5 5 5 Dr.Braccia and his staff are very knowledgable on lyme disease. He is a very caring and compasionate dr. He listened to all my symptoms and reviewed all my medical records before my appt. Bloodwork was drawn thru special labs and I was sent home with kits to do random urine testing. I was very happy with my visit. There was a room filled with patients having iv therapy and they were very comfortable with talking to each other. I can't wait to go back and get my test results and finally I feel like I will be getting help with my illness. I recommend Dr. Braccia to anyone who thinks they have lyme. 
Insurance: Aetna
RID: 1231019
17/08/10 5 4 5 4 I thought I was treated very well and Dr. Braccia took a lot of time to educate me.I'm just starting up will let you nkow as things progress. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1188937
14/06/10 3 4 2 1 I waited a long time to review this doctor, because I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I would like to believe that he is sincere. He's a nice guy, but he does not have the knowledge that he should have, especially regarding co-infections. He does not know how to test and retest for them, and does not even test for some of them. He has been randomly changing his protocol to improve it, but doesn't have the knowledge to back it up. I had to go to another dr. to get retested for co-infections, because he would not retest after IV treatment. It also seems that his main priority is bringing in new patients. After my IV treatment was finished, I felt like I got pushed out the door until my one month checkup - even though I had questions I wanted to ask the dr. before I left. Several of the patients in the office seem to be concerned by the same issues. The medical staff are great! The office staff are OK, but come across as pushy when when discussing $ and payments.  See Responses
RID: 1188043
12/06/10 5 5 1 1 This guy can't decide what he wants to do when he grows up. Used to run a methadone clinic, then addiction physchiatry, not he's a supposed Lyme expert. Does not follow ILADS treatment protocal. LLMD-lite for sure. You can get IV Rocephin and all the supplies online for about $650 a month. This guy charges almost $2,000 a week. Refuses to let you use a home infusion service. If you get better from this guys treatment you were just lucky. Advertises a cure rate of 88% on his web site with a two month course of IV ABX. Even the best LLMD only achieve about 70% with long term treatment. This guy is just playing LLMD to make a quick buck.  See Responses
RID: 1138408
29/03/10 5 5 2 1 I agree with the other review that Braccia is a bit clueless and quite befuddled. Main concern seems to be to keep his infusion room busy. I find it a bit unethical for a doctor to run his own infusion business. There is an implied ethical issue. Protocal is comprehensive, but too short. This is the only doctor that I know of who believes in delayed healing. He takes you off the meds while you're still sick and tells you won't start to feel better until several months after treatment. This method has been discredited by most LLMD's who say treat until all symptoms are gone for 2 months. His protocal is very, very rigid and always involves IV ABX. He inserts the PICC line himself. Pretty much wasted a gob of money and time. Not sure why, but many Lyme doctors employ their wives. Braccia is no exception and at first she seems very nice, but she's a ****. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 1082888
19/01/10 5 5 5 5 Doctor Braccia listened very carefully to my symptoms, he's one of those rare doctors who looks you in the eyes instead of the chart. He's a very compassionate doctor who truly wants to help people. Not many LLMD's around. Feel fortunate to have found Dr. Braccia. He has a wonderful facility and great staff. If you have Lyme in SE PA, this is the guy to go to.  Respond
RID: 685327
16/09/08 4 3 4 4 Generally helpfull. Appears somewhat befuddled, does not instill confidence, but was helpful. PK protocol probably saved my life. But not a cure for me. Staff is extremely nice and qualified.  Respond
RID: 440985
07/11/07 2 2 2 2 At the first appt he told me he would retest me for lyme disease, then at the second appt he told me that there was an article about the lab he uses and them ripping off patients. I felt he was a bit clueless, and since I wasnt jumping on doing iV's i was dismissed. Also he has no stats on patients and how many improve on the IV's vitamin treatments. I went three times, and wasted money.  Respond
RID: 17668
01/12/05 3 1 2 Doctor was nice and listened intently. However he refused to give me results of blood work without maiking another expensive 150.00$ appointment. When I said I have the right to results the phone was hung up on me by his receptionist/wife. No dr. refuses to discuss blood work with me so it is basically useless, a 547$ visit and no info gained. 
Paid (or co-pay): $547
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