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i am a trained psychiatrist who saw this "doctor" for 18 yrs. she was unable to engage basic diagnostic skills because she was so wrapped up in her own malignant ego and needs. she battered me while i was desperate for antidepressant & sleep medication despite clear symptoms. this caused severe debility which then was compounded by another medication error on her part. there was never any initial evaluation, mental status exams, or documentation of crucial events. no clear diagnosis can be ascertained from the chart. there was no responsibility for severe decline in level of functioning, it was only met with retaliation so as to protect her ego functioning. she allowed me to end up living in motels with severe victimization by family, men, law enforcement, & health care providers. multiple hate crimes occurred with multiple injuries & no assistance by police only criminal charges against me and eviction from two housing situations. consider myself a "torture

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flag | Submitted June 5, 2008

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