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RID: 1677021
04/01/12 5 5 5 5 Our family has been very fortunate to have Dr. Lees operate on my husband twice in less than 2 months. I have worked with medical doctors in my past and can honestly say Dr. Lees exemplifies everything that is deemed to be good within his profession. He is highly skilled at his craft, warm, responsive, and empathetic-which I find sometimes lacking in this field. Dr. Lees checked on my husband everyday including weekends and even called us on Christmas Eve at home to see how my husband was doing. We have never had such great care from any medical professional and feel truly grateful for having been under his care.  Respond
RID: 1442665
17/05/11 5 5 5 5 Wonderful surgeon. He performed surgery on our 7 week old son at the Stollery. Although the nature of the surgery was relatively minor (a fistula repair), as parents we were so worried about our little guy having surgery. Having heard of Dr. Lees' unimpeachable reputation in advance of the surgery certainly put our minds at ease. We are so fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon here in Edmonton.  Respond
RID: 1437281
10/05/11 5 5 5 5 We were referred to Dr Lees from out of province as the best surgeon in Western Canada to perform my husband's surgery to remove his esophagus and part of his stomach. He did this surgery on radiated tissue which made this a very difficult 10 hour surgery. He wanted to help save a 33 year old from cancer even though it was going to be very difficult. Dr Lees is extremely pleasant and capable, making you feel comfortable and confident from the first moment. He checked in on my husband daily for 10 days in ICU, and every day on his ward. He called and e-mailed us every few days once we returned home to SK. This is absolutely the best care we have ever received. His residents are learning from the best and we are so fortunate to have him. He runs 2 practices, one of which is paediatric. I can't imagine the personal sacrifices he makes in order to be this amazing angel of a surgeon. Dr Lees allowed my husband and I to have hope again.  Respond
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RID: 1350559
30/01/11 5 5 5 5 I love this doctor! he is amazing at what he does made me feel completely safe and comfortable. Could not have had a better doctor, Any questions i had they were answered very quickly even after my surgery he was there for me he had given me all this contact information in case i was concerend about anything or had any questions. I had very major surgery and it always makes a difference to have such a great surgeron!! i would highly recommend this doctor. Its going to be a very sad day when he retires, And my stitch work was done very nice Thanks Dr Lees!!!  Respond
RID: 1312463
11/12/10 5 5 5 5 Dr. Lees is a great surgeon and took very good care of me during my diagnosis of colon cancer. He has great bedside manners, and was very caring despite being such a busy man, and visited me everyday. He's a skilled surgeon and a kind man and I am so lucky to have had him look after me.  Respond
RID: 1308643
06/12/10 5 5 5 5 in 1974 I had an Ileostomy operfromed by Dr. Willox wiht Dr. Lees as resident surgeon. That was at the age of 19. Two years ago(2008) I had an ileostomy revision to remove a cancerous growth. Follwoing this I developed a rather large parastomal hernia which again required a revision and this time moving the stoma from the right to the left side. Dr. Lees performed these surgeries with the utmost respect and dignity and professionalism. If you require surgery and Dr. Lees is your surgeon, you can rest assured. He is very focused and does not waste time. If you have questions, make sure you ask him. He will explain any questions you have completely. He willl visit you every day (even Sundays) to check on you.  Respond
RID: 1174639
22/05/10 5 5 5 5 I would like to say he is one of the best. I was amazed, he even come to check his patiences at Saturdays and Sundays. Can't ask for more.  Respond
RID: 1105320
15/02/10 5 5 5 5 Dr.Lees is an inspirational individual. I have had Crohn's disease for 10 years and over this time have heard numerous doctors refer to his skill. This past January he performed a resection on me, and I was able to see first hand why he is praised so highly. First off, due to his skill he is a very busy man, and as such he moves very quickly! He seems motivated to see and help as many people as he can in a given day. Despite his hectic schedule he manages to include special human touches that make you feel well cared for. My initial appt. was sandwiched in between surgeries and because of this he was going to be 20 min late seeing me, and had the clinic's nurse let me know! On the day of my surgery, he had the prep clinic hold me until he was able to come down and have a brief pre-op chat for my comfort. Following the surgery, he came by EVERY morning (including the weekend) to check on my healing. He moves briskly throughout the building, making everyone feel blessed that somehow he has landed in Edmonton.  Respond
RID: 834762
18/03/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Lees did surgery on my 7 month old son, and without this surgery we would still be wondering what was wrong with him. HE did an absolute wonderful job, letting me as a mother come into the operating room untill he was asleep, checking up on my son, great bed side manner, and keeping us parents informed. It was all fantastic. A great surgeon indeed  Respond
RID: 765810
16/01/09 5 5 5 5 SIMPLY PUT THE MAN IS A SAINT! WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR OUR SON AND YOUR CONTINUED CARE FOR OUR FAMILY. YOU ARE THE GREATEST! By far the most knowledgeable Doc and top of the charts bed side manor. You are an extraordinary person. The Humphries Family  Respond
RID: 760941
11/01/09 5 5 5 5 Being 18 years old and having the hardship of having to get an eiliostomy was not a fun time. However, having Dr. Lees as my doctor was the best experience I have had with any expert in the medical field. He has great bedside manner, he was very knowledgeable about the information that he was passing onto myself and my family, very polite and if I had any problems or complications he was sure to give me answers very promptly. If anyone is looking for a fantastic general surgeon in Edmonton Dr. Lees is the man that you want to go see.  Respond
RID: 654854
02/08/08 5 5 5 5 I echo every positive sentiment previously written about Dr.Lees. I have had multiple surgeries which means several experiences with other surgeons. I can name only two other surgeons who can compare to the caring professionalism of Dr. Lees.(coincidentally they also operate out of the UofA.) He is truly a gift to the profession, and any student or intern would do well to be training with him! Too often surgeons are allowed to be rude and curt with patients and use the excuse of being 'cutters'. Bedside manner counts for a lot as well as feeling safe with your doctor. Never before have I felt more cared for or listened to than I have with this incredible surgeon. His passion for his work shines through. I would not hesitate to travel across provinces again if need be to put my life in his hands! He is not only a wonderful health care professional, but a wonderful human being. I feel lucky to know him!  Respond
RID: 637588
13/07/08 5 5 5 5 I was seen by Dr. Lees on two occasions for biopsies. Dr. lees was very pleasant, and made sure that the experience went good  Respond
RID: 621194
23/06/08 5 5 5 5 Had surgery for cholo-rectul cancer in 1996 at U of A following chemo and radiation. Explained consequences of surgery prior to. Left to his discretion at time of surgery removal of rectum and or colostomy. Rectum removed and committed to colostomy for remaining years. Absolutely right decision!! Dr Lees was absolutely upbeat about the results of the surgery both prior to and subsequent to. As opposed to the " life extension" garbage I got from my Oncologist during radiation and chemo. This general surgeon is in my opinion absolutely one of the BEST!  Respond
RID: 598432
25/05/08 4 5 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr. Lees since 1987. I have had multiple surgeries and I trust him with my life. I had moved away from Edmonton for 10 years but came back whenever I needed surgery. I absolutely adore him.  Respond
RID: 545116
23/03/08 5 4 5 5 Dr. Lees is amazing.. I was very scared about having to have an emergency colostomy at the age of 18 but he reassured me and did a great job.. The scar isn't too bad and I haven't had a crohn's flare-up since the surgery 2 years ago!  Respond
RID: 428199
13/10/07 5 5 5 5 Amazing !!!. Completely dedicated to doing what is best for his patients. He is incredibly smart, does not leave any stones un turned, has his " finger on the pulse" always. I only wish there were many more like him. His follow up is as amazing. He operated on our son 2 times, each time completely explaining his decisions and rationale. He will operate anytime of the day or night, and pushes for his patients because behind that serious demeener, he is a very humble and caring human being. He is the best of the best!!!! We are fortunate to have him in our city, I pray that he will stay with us until he retires. Thank you Dr. Lees  Respond
RID: 340016
07/06/07 5 5 5 Dr. Lees performed surgery on my son almost 25 years ago. In total he performed three surgeries the first one when my son was only hours old. Dr. Lees prepared me for the good and the bad. At first I didn't want to hear that, but after a while I was glad. Dr. lees was compassionate, kind, considerate and helpful. WQe did not live in Edmonton and when my son was sick he would come in from the lake and meet us in emerg @ th U of A. He would phone us at home and always returned his calls. To this day I would trust him with my son's life. If you need a surgeon- he is the best!  Respond
RID: 301682
28/04/07 4 5 5 Dr Lees performed surgery on me about 2 years ago now. He did an absolutely wonderful job. I have to say that my first impression of him what that he was a bit pre-occupied with other things while asking me questions in our initial meeting. I was not initially impressed with his bid side manner but after asking various patients and doctors about him I have heard nothing but wonderful things. I decided to continue with the sugery and am very glad that I did. From personal experience and from what I have heard about him, he is one of the best surgeon's around  Respond
RID: 298844
25/04/07 5 5 5 I am from saskatchewan and my 7 week old son had to have surgery. I was so scared for my son but Doctor Lee made me feel a little at ease with the surgery. He was very compasionate and explained everything about the surgery. Out of all the doctors that I have ever seen he is by far the best. After the surgery my son was a brand new man. Very content and happy and I was very happy. Very impressed by this doctor!!!!  Respond
RID: 275136
12/04/07 4 5 5 Dr. Lees performed surgery on my son last month. It was a blessing. My son had been sick since October 2006 and finally in March 2007 after meeting Dr. Lees my son is once again healthy. We still have a couple of surgeries to go, but we have every confidence in our surgeon.  Respond
RID: 270297
10/04/07 5 5 5 The doctors in Saskatchewan did not know whether my son had crohn's disease or colitis and his condition was worsening. After the 7th blood transfusion my son was transfered to Dr. Lees. We went in on a Friday night and by Saturday afternoon Dr. Lees knew what was wrong with my son and by Sunday morning my son was in surgery and recovering fast. If it wasn't for Dr. Lees and his team of surgeons my son would not be hear today. He was very helpful and made it easy for us to understand what was wrong with our son. I am very pleased to be going back to him for two more surgeries because he makes my family feel safe and cared for. This shows you how compassionate he is with his patients and there families after a month of being home with Micheal he called us at 9:30 at night from his home to ask how he was doing and if we had any questions regarding our son. He is a fantastic doctor and I put my 100% trust in his abilities. Christina Gall, Weyburn, Saskatchewan  Respond
RID: 224232
22/03/07 5 5 5 Our 4 year old son was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Dr. Lees removed the LARGE mass in his abdomen. After the surgery he was very knowledgalbe at what the next steps would be in his treatment, he did not sugar coat it and was honest with it all from the first time we met. We were VERY impressed with his good bedside manner and the genuine compassion he showed us during the chaos of our life at that time. To yet impress us more it was 2 and a half years after our last appointment with him and we passed each other in the hospital and he remembered our son and even where we were from. On a rating out of 10 we would give him at least 1000!!!! THANKS  Respond
RID: 221310
21/03/07 5 5 5 Dr. Lees operated on my husband twice in one year. He did an excellent job. My husband suffered from Ulcerative Colitus for 11 years, and finally, we were refered to Dr. Lees. He took the time to tell us exactly what was happening. We have seen him many times since the operations, and he remembers our kids and always asks how things are.  Respond
RID: 217325
20/03/07 5 5 5 Dr. Lees is one of the most amazing surgeons in Canada. He performed surgery on my daughter 5 years ago. He saw her twice pre-operatively and once post-operatively and to this day, he asks about her (recalls her diagnosis specifically) anytime I run into him around the University Hospital. This man has a mind and a memory that is flawless. His humanity is an example to all of us in any profession. Thanks.  Respond
RID: 204917
16/03/07 4 5 5 We have encountered numerous physicians and specialists over the years, and Gordon Lees ranks in the top 3 of a long list. He is a rare breed that actually LOOKS at patients when he speaks to them, and seems genuinely interested in other aspects of their lives. He is very thorough and comes highly recommended by other professionals. He obviously has the respect, admiration, and support of residents , nurses, and colleagues. (When I was hospitalized, he was taking a group of residents on a retreat to Jasper!!) He has high expectations of other physicians and is not afraid to identify and correct instances of sub-standard medical care. His care and expertise have made a difference in our lives. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 199936
14/03/07 4 5 5 Dr. Lees did surgery on my son 2 years ago now and was very professional about it and explained everything to us about his surgery. My son was very fortunate to have him and he still sees Dr. Lees for yearly checkups.  Respond
RID: 198502
14/03/07 5 5 5 Great doctor, Ive had 3 surgerys from Dr Lees (for bowel problems) and found him to be very competent and very professional. I also found his interns to be quite helpful. If you have to have surgery you want him to be your surgeon.  Respond
RID: 190587
13/03/07 4 5 5 Dr. Lees did my bowel resection surgery in 1999. There were no complications. He is confident and sharp as a tack and has a certain edge about him. He is also a great down to earth guy. You can certainly feel his dedication to his work by being in his presence.  Respond
RID: 182899
11/03/07 5 5 5 Dr. Lees is an Earth Angel. We met him afew minutes after my husband had been diagnosed with cancer and from that moment we felt like we were finally in the "right hands". He does just an amazing job in all departments, when you need him, you get "him" and not an assistant, his hours of dedication at amazing. He always made us feel like we could do this, everytime we talked to him. His family must sacifice alot for his work.....but we thank them from the bottom of our hearts! He still checks up after 4 yrs and counting. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 114307
26/01/07 5 5 5 To the first rating - the University of Alberta/Stollery Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital and the surgeons are expected to teach their residents and interns. If you felt uncomfortable you could have asked them to leave, that is your right. Don't downplay this amazing man and surgeon.  Respond
RID: 63361
05/12/06 4 5 5 Gordie is a fantastic surgeon but unlike so many of his collegues he still has good bed-side manner. Seek this fine man out!  Respond
RID: 58873
25/11/06 4 5 5 As a former surgical resident, Dr. Lees was one of the best surgeons I ever worked with and would have no hesitation to let him take care of anyone of my family members  Respond
RID: 45603
15/09/06 5 5 5 This doctor helped out my son with a hernia complaint. He had a great bedside manner and I was sorely impressed to discover he rises each a.m. at 5. Good doc.  Respond
RID: 14773
07/11/05 5 5 5 Awesome surgeon! He was always so kind and helpful. He took time out of his day off to call me when I needed his help in filling out a student loan appeal. I could really tell that he works with children, he was such a sweetheart.  Respond
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