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This Dr. Dibbs and Staff helped me take care of two very close members of my family while they past with cancer. At the time I was going thru some of my lifes most difficult times too. They were a very caring staff and I recommend them to any family dealing with the newness and confusion of cancer. I BELIEVE AND KNOW they will help and guide you and your family through because they were all the help I had with my family and they worked with me every step of the way. No word can do justice to show how much I appreciate the peace of mind they gave me, and my loved ones at the difficult times we and the staff we're facing together. For two years they made me a part of there team to help with my closest brother and mother. My family was taken care of and I am completely satisfied with the care that they recieved. I do believe they did all they could and more. THANK YOU FOR ANGELS LIKE THESE, BLESS THEM. Tammy Peterman

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