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After my mom's GP did NOTHING to get to the bottom of my mom's problem (she had a staff infection in her right foot that would not clear up), our neighbor, formerly a KP dermatologist, Dr. John Shen, immediately wrote up a referral for my mom to see his "good friend", Dr. Daniel Miller (another FANTASTIC physician) who specializes in internal medicine. Dr. Miller in turn referred my mom right away to Dr. Canty (Dr. Shen suspected my mom's inability to get rid of the Staff infection stemmed from vascular problems). Well, Dr. Canty got to the bottom of the problem right away; he ran several tests and in no time diagnosed my mom's illness -- she had a VERY severe case of Peripheral Vascular Disease (if my memory serves me right, Dr. Canty said my mom had one of the worst cases he had ever seen). My mom had so little blood flow below the knee on her right leg, that the angiogram results didn't show any of the major blood vessels...just itty bitty "unnamed vessels&quo

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flag | Submitted April 18, 2008

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