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I am a doctor and as unpleasant as this review is, it is a warning to other patients about this doctor's judgement and knowledge. He as supposed to put an epidural in my wife. Instead ended up placing it as a spinal which also entered her blood circulation. Because of that she was not feeling anesthesia over her abdomen yet was becoming more obtunded (the narcotic was being delivered to the brain). Kept telling the nurse anesthetist to give more narcotic and lidocaine (the nurse said "are you sure"?). My wife had pinpoint pupils from the narcotic, unable to answer questions and requiring 10 liters/min of oxygen and about to be intubated. Instead of reevaluating why anesthesia was not working, wanted to give her another dose of narcotic. I told him to stop and started resuscitating my wife with fluids, medications to bring her blood pressure up and high flow oxygen. Baby's heart rate dropped to 80. I thought I was going to lose my wife and unborn daughter that afternoon.

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flag | Submitted April 19, 2008

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