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Dr Elliott is an amazing dr. I have been her patient since 1/07, when I needed to have my eye removed. I got a referral to Dr. Elliott. I was to have the surgery 2 weeks after we decided I needed it. I met her 6 days before the surgery. She calmed mine and my parents fears, knew all about my underlying condition that caused the need for the eye removal, treats patients with respect. She was very caring to. I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia (crying hysterically) and she rubbed my back to try to calm me down. 1/08 and 2/08 I needed more surgeries because of complications with wearing my fake eye, and you could see she felt bad needing to tell me. That was especially true for the one in February because I had a hard day of “emergency” tests earlier that morning in another department that still had me scared. She may not WORK with the whole body, but when I was having other problems around the time that all the new problems that my eye were happening she cared and was a huge help.

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flag | Submitted April 19, 2008

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